以下は、DojoCon Japan 2017参加登録後、お申込みください。

DojoCon Japan 2017



We wrapped DojoCon Japan 2017 with overwhelming passion and joy. The heat and noise was much more than the previous year!

Partitioned into presentation, workshop, and communication areas, many speakers has given borderless speeches from different perspective to talk about CoderDojo.

At workshop area, we had a variety of workshops such as tehcno Japanaese handcrafts, virtual reality games, board game and electronic work.

At communication space, we had a several communication events to connect Dojos across Japan. As a result, ninjas, mentors and champions were able to enhance their relationship. In addition, we were able to see that there were more corporation and individuals who wants to get involved into the community more.

This year, the number of CoderDojo in Japan has exceeded 100. By providing the spaces to meet the people with the same passion, we hope that the attendees and volunteer staff gained something priceless, and bring back to their Dojos; some will help start more Dojos. We definitely see that CoderDojo community will prosper to 200 and 300 dojos in the future. We promised ourselves that we will continue to provide the better environment to give the opportunities to more children to become ninjas.

We hope to see you all at DojoCon Japan 2018.